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Friday, 10 July 2020

Complete Knowledge about Share Market for Beginners.

Share Market NeedAssamJob

What is Share Market? How to Invest in Share Market?

Share Market is where you can buy or sell a company’s share. Suppose you have Rs. 1000 in your pocket and you want to invest this money into Share Market, in that case, you can purchase Some Shares of a company and hold it for a few months or years or sell it instantly.

What is my profit if I buy a share and hold it for a few months or years?

The company will provide dividend (Dividend means a small part of interest)  at the end of the year for buying and holding its Shares. And at maximum cases the Share Price increases day by day, so you can earn profit at the end of the year or anytime you want by selling your Shares too.

Why People Buy and instantly sell their shares?

The Peoples buy Shares and Sell it instantly  Cause in Share Market Each and Every Second The price of shares Fluctuate Each Second the Share Price could increase or Decrease, That is why the Traders Buys Shares When Share Price Gone Down and Sell it when it goes up.

Who Buys Shares when the price is high?

In Share Market there are two Types of Traders and Investors Existed, Bull and Bear.

1           .    What Is Bull?

A Bull in Share Market is the person who thinks that the Market will go  High in a few hours or days and the market is much cheaper for that and we can earn Profit for sure. We should Buy these shares Instantly.

2           .    What is Bear?

A Bear in the share market is the A person who thinks that the market could go down in a few minutes or hours or days So now the Market price is much better to sell the shares. We should sell the shares at the market price immediately.

How can I invest my money into the share market?

A person can not invest his money directly into the stock exchange, You must have to Buy and sell your Shares through a Broker. To Invest your money into share market you have to create a Demat Account and a Trading Account into a Broker Like Zerodha, Upstox, Sharekhan Etc.
There are mainly four main types of brokers in Indian Share Market a) Stock Broker b) Forex Broker  c) Service Broker d) Discount Broker.

Where should I open a Demat Account, which broker is best?

In terms of Charges Discount Brokers are best, their Brokerages and Other Charges are Minimum compared to other brokers. To open a Demat account into Discount Broker like Upstox, You have to go to their Website or you have to download their Upstox app. Then you have to follow all the Procedures to open a Demat account, After completing the procedure it will take 2-3 working days to review your application and Your Demat account will be created.

What are the documents needed to Open a Demat and Trading Account and what is the charge to open it?

To open a Demat account you should have to upload your PAN Card, Aadhar Card and Your Bank Details. That’s it.
If you open a Demat account into a Discount Broker like Upstox, There is no Opening Charge but if you open it into other brokers then you have to pay Rs.300-Rs.500 For Opening A Demat account.
**Trading account will be created free of cost if you open a Demat account.

  What is a Demat and Trading Account?

Demat account is Stand for Dematerialized account. If you buy a share and hold it long (More than Buying day) then you should have an account to hold the existing shares. That account is called Demat Account.
Trading account is used for Intraday Trading. If you buy Some shares at cheap cost and the market starting goes up and your share price goes up then you can sell those shares that day also. So, if you buy shares and sell instantly then you should have a Trading Account for Rapid Transactions.

What is Intraday Trading and Delivery?

Intraday Trading means buying some shares, hold it for some time, and sell it on the same day.
And Delivery means if you invest your money for the long term.


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